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Organised by                                              Local Organizer

Czech Athletic Federation                         PSK Olymp Praha
Diskařská 2431                                             Za Císařským mlýnem 1063/5
169 00 Praha 6                                              170 00 Praha
www.atletika.cz                                              www.atletika-olymp.cz
email: atletika@atletika.cz                                      
phone: +420 233 014 400                                         

Local Organising Committee
LOC Chairman                                              David Bor                                        
Competition Director                                     Miroslav Zahořák
General Coordinator                                     Marta Feiková;  mfeikova@atletika.cz,
                                                                     mobile: +420 601 377 887; direct: +420 233 014 414
Meeting Manager                                         Ladislav Kňákal
Travel/Accommodation                               Lenka Rudová
Media                                                           Karolína Farská
Marketing                                                    Josef Čech
Head of Competition Office                        Petr Blažej 

Date and venue

International Indoor Match Combined Events will take place in Prague /CZE/ on Saturday 28 January and Sunday 29 January 2017 in the Otakar Jandera Athletic Hall Prague, address:

Za Císařským mlýnem 1063/5, 170 00 Prague.

The hall is equipped with:

  • 8 lines in straight track, 6 lines in oval track – 200 m
  • 2 High jump sites
  • 2 Pole vaults sites
  • 1 site for Long/Triple jump
  • 1 Shot put circle
  • The surface is Conipur
  • Weightlifting room will be available (without spikes!)

Official training

Friday                         27.1.               16.00 – 18.30             Athletic Hall

                                                           16.00 – 18.30             Weightlifting room in Athletic Hall

Saturday         28.1. (women only)    10.00 – 12.00             Multisport Hall next to Athletic Hall

                                                           10.00 – 12.00             Weightlifting room

Men:               Athletes born 1999 and older are eligible to compete
Women:          Athletes born 2001 and older are eligible to compete
Men U20 and Women U 20:  Athletes born in 1998 and after are eligible to compete.

Men U20:       Heptathlon
Women U20: Pentathlon
Men:               Heptathlon
Women:          Pentathlon

Participants per event:
Men / Women:                       4 / 4, minimum of 1 Athlete U23 in each team
Men U20 / Women U20:       3 / 3

According to the signed contract the team may consist of maximum 14 Athletes and 6 Officials in quota whose full board accommodation expenses are covered by organiser for 3 nights. Transport and insurance expense are each federation responsibility.

Competitors must wear the Federation’s official team clothing.


Transport from/to the airport and from the hotel to/from the competition venue will be arranged by shuttle buses. All information will be displayed on the Information desk in the hotel and at the venue.


Deadline for the Final Entry Form is Friday 20 January 2017. Forms should be sent to: mfeikova@atletika.cz.  All information in the FEF are binding and number of athletes or officials can not be changed afterwards.

Warm up Area

Warm up area is located in the Athletic Hall (next to the venue– approx. 100m) and in the small warm up corridor in the Athletic Hall. Athletes are allowed to use the track on the oval in the competition hall for warm up before the first event on each competition day.

Dressing rooms

Dressing rooms are located in the main building (organiser is not responsible for personal belongings and potential losses).

Call room

Call room is located in the warm up corridor in the Athletic Hall.
All athletes must report before the first event on each competition day 20 minutes prior the start.
Athletes will be escorted from the warm up corridor to the competition site as follows:
Running events, hurdles, SP, LJ       15 minutes prior the start
HJ                                                       30 minutes prior the start
PV                                                      60 minutes prior the start


Men / Women: 3 best Athletes of the team are scoring.

Men U20 / Women U20: 2 best Athletes of the team are scoring.

For the final teams’ classification all achieved points are considered. In the case of the tied teams the classification is done based on the number of first places won, then second places, etc.

Jumping heights and bar rising

Will be specified at the Technical Meeting on 27 January 2017 in Prague.

Competition bibs

Each athlete will receive 1 bib which must be displayed on the chest (except Pole Vault).
The competition bib may not be cut, bent or covered in any way!

Competition office

Will be situated in Athletic Hall and will be opened as follows:
Saturday         9:00 – 18:00
Sunday            9:00 – 19:00

Protests and Appeals

Protests and Appeals will be processed in accordance with IAAF Rule 146.

Medical service
The medical room will be located in the Athletic Hall.
The participating teams are responsible for taking their own insurance. 

Doping control

Doping controls shall be conducted in accordance with IAAF Rules and Procedures.

Athletes requiring tests for National Record clarification may request doping control at the Competition office. The cost is 250 EUR to be paid cash on site only.