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About Us

We ...

  • ... are Czech athletic federation (Český atletický svaz - ČAS).
  • ... are a self-governing association of athletic clubs in the Czech republic.
  • ... have 35 thousand of members in more than 250 clubs.
  • ... are the only representation at international level as members of both International association of athletic federations (IAAF) as well as European athletics.
  • ... have Mass meeting as a highest authority. Its wide powers include i.e. elecetion of board members, who are federation's statutory authority. Administration is been provided by office in Prague, Strahov.
What's our mission?

Czech athletic federation has anchored three fundamental goals in its bylaw document:

  1. to organize athletics and athletic competitions in the Czech republic and to create conditions for their development;
  2. to provide athletic representation at international events and to represent Czech interests in international sports associations,
  3. to act for Czech athletics' interest before national and regional authorities of the Czech Republic.

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