Welcome to the english sites of the www.atletika.cz!

Dear athletic friends,
web pages of the Czech Athletic Federation are only available in Czech language, therefore we would like to draw your attention to basic icons (in Czech) which could be interesting for you:
(Note: you can click on the links below.)

Kalendář = Yearbook
    hlavní sezóna = Outdoor Season
    halová sezóna = Indoor Season

Statistiky =
    rekordy = Records
    průběžné tabulky = Season Lists
    dlouhodobé tabulky = All Time Lists
    bodovací tabulky = Scoring Tables

Výsledky = Results

    hlavní sezóna = Outdoor Season
    halová sezóna = Indoor Season

Reprezentace = Czech Team
    nominační kritéria = Qualification Standards
    splněné limity = Line up / Qualified Athletes

Atleti = Athletes

Veteránům = Masters

Thank you for your understanding.

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Should you have any specific questions or requirements, do not hesitate to contact the Press Department of the Czech Athletic Federation:
Ms. Karolína Farská (Press Dept. Executive)
phone: +420 233014408, e-mail: karolinap@atletika.cz

Mr. Michal Procházka (Press Dept., Internet Responsible)
phone: +420 233014408, e-mail: mprochazka@atletika.cz

Contact for the Czech Athletic Federation
Diskařská 100, 169 00 Praha 6, Česká republika
phone: 420-2333 55 337, 220513418, 2330 144 00
fax: 257212432
email: atletika@atletika.cz

Contact for the marketing agency of the Czech Athletic Federation, Česká atletika, s. r. o.
5. května 9, 140 00 Praha 4, Česká republika
phone:420-241400305, fax:420-61218227
email: atletika@ceska-atletika.cz